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Hanging Chair Reviews Tips & Buying Guides

Green Hanging ChairWhether you’re looking at sixty dollar bargains or thousand dollar designer models, hanging chairs of all shapes and sizes combine the comfort and flexibility of the hammock with the more commonly preferred upright posture of chairs. While no one can deny the sheer comfortability of a hammock and how it molds to fit any body shape, there aren’t that many times when you’d care to be laying down outdoors.

After all, you’ve got a busy life, things to do, books to read, conversations to have, work to get done! And of course chairs allow you to get on with your day but aren’t quite as pleasant to sit yourself in. This is where the hanging chair comes along to compromise between these two products with the strengths of both and none of the weaknesses.

There are several basic different varieties of the hanging-based chair for your enjoyment.

Hanging Wicker ChairThe hanging wicker chair is based on a wicker frame, and while not the strongest or most flexible chair out there it is highly ornamental and will look great on anyone’s patio.

Hanging Hammock ChairMore common by far is the hanging hammock chair design, which is essentially a rope hammock reshaped in chair form. These are the cheapest models available more often than not, and are very versatile and durable.

If you’d like a roof overhead while you sit, the hanging bubble chair is what you need, with a partial shell in bubble shape, usually but not always transparent, to house the chair’s occupant. Hanging Bubble ChairAnother name for the bubble chair is the hanging egg chair. Don’t be fooled into paying a lot for an egg chair when there’s a cheap bubble chair available or vice versa; they’re the exact same thing, particular model differences aside.

Hanging Egg ChairThe final kind of hammock chair for hanging is the cushion-based chair. These are really little difference from regular chairs, except that they rely on the ropes for support rather than on legs sitting on the floor. This simple alteration gives the seat much more ease to adjust to the body comfortably, while providing more support than purely netting based designs which can be a bit TOO flexible for, say, someone with arthritis or other mobility restrictions.

The cushions are a bit more vulnerable to weather unless protected by an “egg” or bubble shell such as the hanging egg chair, but the canvas they provide also allows a great deal more room for artistic expression. These types of chairs for hanging are often considered ideal for shaded outdoor areas, as they’re nice to show off when protected from rainfall and the like.

There are very cheap, basic models, and also very expensive ones. But besides the basic structural differences mentioned above, you can get the same essential functionality out of them all. Find the basic design of chair to be hung that you prefer, before all else. Once you’ve figured that out, you can then decide how much extra you care to pay for a particular material or look.

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